Treasure hunt

As is well known, Italy possesses the largest collection of cultural heritage assets in the world, including more than 3,400 museums, 2,000 archaeological sites and 54 UNESCO “World Heritage” sites. Wandering around Italy means embarking on a real “treasure hunt” because, in addition to our art cities, you can come across precious treasure chests, rich in objects and fascinating finds, even in the most unexpected places.

The itinerary is only a summary of some of the many possible trips to be taken. It refers to places where the interest in the contents of a museum, library, or archaeological site, a cultural building or an exhibition space is matched by the architectural quality of the buildings designed to contain the works or by the quality of the expositive systems designed to show them, according to a cognitive path. Our country has a consolidated tradition in which this kind of projects and figures such as Franco Albini and Franca Helg, Carlo Scarpa, Franco Minissi or the BBPR represent international landmarks.

Italy offers museums of all kinds designed not only to exhibit art works or archaeological finds, but also products of industry or technological research, to narrate the stories of science, cities or territories. For this reason, the itinerary proposes, alongside well-known works, interventions that are less known to the general public, such as the Turin Automobile Museum or the Museo del Ciclismo del Colle del Ghisallo.


Museum of the Treasure of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Genoa

Extension of the Canovian gipsothèque, Possagno

Museo dell’Automobile (Car museum), Turin

Restoration of Sforzesco Castle Museum, Milan

Archaeological Museum in the convent of San Benedetto, Salerno

Restoration of Castelvecchio museum, Verona

National Gallery in the Palazzo della Pilotta, Parma

Arrangement and extension of the Revolterra Museum, Trieste

Civic museum and new gallery in the Eremitani complex, Padua

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Trento and Rovereto

Ara Pacis Musem, Rome

Cycling Museum, Magreglio

PAC Contemporary art pavilion, Milan

Punta della Dogana Museum and Art Center, Venice

Hertziana Library, Rome

Genoa Aquarium

Palazzo di Lorenzo, Gibellina Nuova

Restoration of Baglio Di Stefano, Gibellina

Tarot Garden, Capalbio

Regional Archaeological Museum of Agrigento

Palazzo Abatellis


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