Hotel Salò du Parc

Place: Salò (BS), Via Cure del Lino, 1

Authors: Vittoriano Viganò, Demetrio Costantino

Chronology: 1983 | 1990

Itinerary: Italy goes on vacation

Use: Hotel

The Gulf of Salò is a narrow inlet on the Lombard side of Lake Garda that takes its name from the small town around it and which overlooks its banks with a pedestrian lakefront that extends for just over a kilometer. The Hotel Salò du Parc, located at the end of this path, was designed by Viganò between 1983 and 1996 to build a system of connections between the urban fabric and the lake, but only partially realized.

The building is set on the front, facing the street. It is characterized by a continuous wall face, rhythmically engraved by a series of loggias and marked by a long ribbon window. The latter ideally detaches the façade’s vertical plane from the inclined pitched roof that concludes the volume.

The building is divided into two planimetric units, on an axis with a visual hinge consisting of a stairway, the volume of which is the highest.

On the street front, one of the buildings’ bases presents a continuous portico; its height difference allows viewing the lake and the foliage of the trees in the garden. The front towards the lake consists of a garden that laps the banks and opens into a small dock for mooring boats. On this front, the building is spread over six terraced levels; the rooms open onto the panorama through large windows and a loggia.

Text by Francesca Castelli
Photos by  Marco Introini