A hard-working country

Between 1963 and 1964 four popular 45 records were released: Sapore di sale, Una rotonda sul mare, Abbronzatissima and Sul cocuzzolo della montagna. These four songs, sung respectively by Gino Paoli, Fred Buongusto and Edoardo Vianello, can be considered the pop celebration of a new, optimistic rite that characterized the Italian “economic miracle”: summer holidays.

Precisely in those years, the “boom” was coming to an end (again in 1963 a movie by Vittorio Sica was released, starring Alberto Sordi and called The boom). The strong economic growth gave way to a more complex and delicate phase of our country’s political and economic life, called the “conjuncture”.

Holidays had already become a phenomenon that involved an increasingly significant part of the population: in 1959 13% of Italians went on vacation, but in the early sixties the percentage had already risen to 21% to then reach 46% in the mid-eighties. Private motorization policies and the construction of Autostrada del Sole, connecting Milan to Naples(1956-1964), offered formidable incentives.

The itinerary collects a series of works that embody this important phenomenon, soon to become one of the engines of our country’s economic dynamics, highlighting its great potential for tourism. The illustrated works are hotels, residential complexes, holiday houses, tourist villages, lidos and mountain huts and settlements, as well as spas and recreational theme parks. Many Italian regions and different kinds of offerings are represented: sea, mountain, hot springs, hills and lakes.


Pietro Nenni bridge in Rome

Bridge on Basento River, Potenza

Viaduct on Lake Guardialfiera, Campobasso

Former Pavesi motorway restaurant, Ronco Scrivia

Viaduct on river Tiber

Cooperation Center in Trento

Burgo Paper Mill, Mantua

Solimene ceramics factory, Vietri sul Mare

Bagnore geothermal Plant, Santa Fiora (GR)

Tifeo Power Station, Augusta

Hydroelectric power station, Pieve di Bono

Eur Water Center, Rome

Municipal Milk Plant, Turin

Auditorium, art gallery and "bubble" at Lingotto, Turin

Flower Market, Pescia

New Flower Market, Pescia

Olivetti factory, Pozzuoli

Olivetti ICO factory, Ivrea

"Talponia" residential unit, Ivrea

Elmag factory, Monza

Mondadori factory, Verona

Palazzo Mondadori, Segrate

Benetton Group Business Center, Ponzano Veneto

Benetton Fabrica, Villorba

Offices for the Zanussi industries, Porcia


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