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The debate on the restoration of the modern essentially concerns the comparison among the realized works; for this reason, it seemed necessary to identify an ideal itinerary that links some of these experiences, to provide a complex and partly contradictory framework of the state of the art.

The projects proceed, in most cases, starting from a research strategy based on the critical understanding of the pre-existing structures and the values embodied in the heritage, which constitute the premise to reconstruct the meaning of these architectures.

The peculiar relationship between the knowledge and restoration projects thus leads to the problem of preservation of the modern. In the scientific community there is a broad consensus, albeit with disparate declinations, on the fact that modern heritage introduces a strong tension into the critical categories of restoration. In fact, the need to preserve sometimes extremely experimental architectures, often unthinkable in view of the long duration, emphasizes the restoration project’s research dimension.

  1. Pirelli Skyscraper, Milan, Gio Ponti, Pier Luigi Nervi, Arturo Danusso, 1952-61 Restoration: Sarno, Corvino & Multari,  2002-2004
  2.  Church of Our Lady of Mercy, Baranzate (MI), Bruno Morassutti, Angelo Mangiarotti, Aldo Favini, 1956-57 Restoration: SBG architetti – Milano. Plan: 2005-11 - Realization: 2013-15
  3. Olivetti workshops - ICO Central, Ivrea, Luigi Figini and Gino Pollini,  … 1949 Restoration: G-Studio Architetti (Enrico Giacopelli) - Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects. 2005-06
  4. Olivetti Store, Venice,  Carlo Scarpa, 1957-58 Restoration: Gretchen Alexander Gussalli Beretta – 2010-2011
  5. Palazzo del Mezzogiorno, Bari, Pietro Maria Favia, 1951-61 Restoration: Mauro Saìto Architetti – 2013-2017, Structures Nicola Stefanelli, Plants Massimiliano Quarta
  6. Handicraft Pavilion, Sassari, Ubaldo Badas, 1951-56 Restoration: Studio Cenami – Simonetti – Ticca 2011-2013
Iconographic research Altrospazio Text by Paolo Sanjust